A Half Dry Day In Wales

12th October 2011
The VSCC upheld the tradition of making rallies highly elusive. Arming yourself to the teeth with maps and GPS devices simply isn't enough to ensure that you'll be successful in following the action but at least this one wasn't buried in some obscure forest stage in the back of beyond.

I loved the idea of holding the rally finish up where their trial event was being staged as this meant that plenty of photo opportunities arouse to point the camera at them as they rolled in.

The trial was going swingingly until the rain started. Foolishly, when the first few spots fell, I thought it was only going to be a tiny shower. Wrong, Geoff. This is Wales where it's either dry (not often, admittedly) or slaying it down continuously. This was the latter and it instantly reduced the trial hills to pure grease. This did provide some entertainment as those wonderful old cars struggled to tackle the steep slopes. The evidence is here for all to see.

All-in-all, terrific event. Many thanks for the VSCC for holding it and allowing me to capture it.

My stuff's dry now.