A Mixed Bag

21st February 2011
Yesterday was a funny sort of day.

The early morning trip to view the Severn Bore went well. Its one of the strangest phenomenon I've ever seen. One minute the river's calmly flowing along gentle and then this huge swell of water around five foot high appears coming from the opposite direction. Sadly, there wasn't a canoe or surfboard to be seen but the way the water crashed into the banks as it swept past was mightily impressive. The river level rose dramatically afterwards and by the time we left it was bank-high.

Yes, I did take photos and on the camera's LCD, they looked good. Unfortunately, as I attempted to download them later, for the first time ever, I had a CF card failure. This was a Lexar Pro card. Every other card in my bag is a Sandisk Extreme III or IV and I've never had a problem with any of them. I'll be in touch with Lexar today to see if they can retrieve the images and replace the faulty card.

In the afternoon, I went with Chris up to Liverpool to buy a new weapon for this season's shooting. Nikon Pro bodies really are built like tanks and I can't wait for the first gloomy day at Shelsley to try out that high end ISO shooting. Bring on a typical English summer.