A Site For Sore Eyes

02nd December 2010
During vile, cold spells like this, a photographer's mind turns to either mush or new ventures.

Right now, my focus is firmly upon upgrading my website. I've had my old Clicpic website for a number of years and, whilst its done me proud, I've felt for a while that it might be time to change to a slightly different look. I've been goofing around with this new-look site now for a couple of weeks.

The advantages of this Photoium site are that it displays my images slightly larger than on my old one, it seems more flexible in terms of customization and it will host more photos than before.

On top of all that, it enables me to add a blog to my home page - something which appeals to me - and just the fact that its new will pep up my interest. So, all in all, I feel this is the way to go.