An Epynt Day

12th March 2012
Spent a fantastic day up on the Brecon ranges yesterday with Pons chasing down rally cars in unseasonably nice weather.

The Tour Of Epynt rally is a belting event held in one of the most stunning areas of Wales. On a bad day - and there are a fair few of those up on the Brecons - you can't see your hand in front of you. Yesterday started with a few whips of mist but it then cleared and we had a freakishly sunny day.

This is a truly top notch event with a to-die-for line up of cars. A fab line up included ex WRC cars and a gaggle of Merk I and Mark II Escorts. Check it out here.

Been down to the BOC office at Prescott today to drop off a couple of prints for their forthcoming exhibition. Just starting to think about sorting images for the first programme for the Member's Season Opener on April 7th and then the BHC meeting on the weekend of April 28th/29th.

Next weekend's the Loton Park member's practise event. I'm hoping to get up there for the Sunday. Much as I've loved the rally stages I've been to recently, I'm now hankering for some hill climb action.