Big Week

22nd February 2012
My diary's like a ticking bomb. Its been glowering at me for the past few weeks but now its about to explode into life.

I was down at Hackney Community College all day on Monday for my Olympics 'role specific training'. The more I learn about my 2012 Games adventure, the more I like the sound of it. It'll be the most fantastic ten days imaginable. Some of the technical stuff thrown at us was mind boggling and the quality of the people training us is staggering.

Had my media pass for this weekend's Race Retro event at Stoneleigh showground arrive this morning. I've not been to RR before but as the good folk of Poppyseed Media emailed me asking if I'd like a media pass, it would have been just plain rude to turn it down. The Live Rally Stage alone looks worth going for. They've got 50 great rally cars cavorting around as well as tons of other stuff too. early start Sunday but worth the effort, I reckon.

Off to an open mic night at the Lunar Bar in Worcester tonight where I'll be taking photographs and also performing some of my old material. When I get in, I'll bang tonight's shots up onto Facebook.

One day soon, I'll pause to draw breath. But not just yet because if I stop, I'll fall off the merry-go-round.