Blown away & mud splattered

06th February 2011
The first event of the year all but blew me away. No, I mean that quite literally because the gale-force blast almost did blow me and everyone else clean off the hill.

A windswept Heightington hosted the H&DLCC Geoff Taylor Sporting Trial to kick our season off and what a great day's driving it was. I've not made it to this event before due to weather cancellations but the wait was worth it. The views from off the top of he ridge are breathtaking and as a trials venue Heightington is exceptional.

Great to meet up with my marshal buddies and some of the Hagley officials. Its amazing the kind of things that happen when you turn your back on them for a few months. Mr Shaw was there sporting his new country squire apparel that made him look like a character from a Jilly Cooper novel and Jodie rocked up with the exciting news that Dave and she got engaged yesterday. Congratulations to the two of them but in a mad, unstable world, its as well we can depend upon some certainties in life such as the Loton caterers being able to provide us with corking good bacon sandwiches and coffee.

Excellent work on the logistics side by Janet Derbyshire and her team. Great event. Blinding start to the season. Now that I've cleaned the mud off my camera, off my lens filter and pulled it out of my hair, I'm about ready to post process some of today's photos.

Boy, it was windy today. Did I mention that?