Epic Epynt

16th March 2011
Apart from a grotesque start time of around 5pm to get there in time for Jeremy to sign on, this was a near perfect day of motor sport.

The early rain cleared as we pitched up. I solved the riddle of the mysteriously disappearing flask. The caterer rocked up and cooked a decent bacon roll. All was well with the world.

Pons stood on the Roman Road pointing out the route like an emperor marshalling his troops into battle.

The D3 performed admirably and focused like lightening but I learnt three things on Sunday. Firstly, I need a larger camera bag as two hefty Nikon bodies, a variety of big motor sport lenses plus other assorted rubbish takes up a daft amount of space and there's no room remaining for food, drink and other bits & bobs. Secondly, shooting at nine frames a second is dead neat but you come home with a mad amount of images to deal with. Finally, much as I like the idea of utilising the spare memory card slot to back up the card I'm shooting to after the failed Lexar CF incident, doing so used a crazy number of cards.

The rally was spectacular, the skies remained clear and I can't wait to do it some more. Overall, I'm chuffed with the shots I came home with.

A Handful of the photos from Epynt are up on the gallery now.