Fingers Crossed For A Non Glastonbury Situation

20th April 2012
Having taken a quite severe drenching up at Loton on Easter Monday, it'd nice to think that the Prescott Bike Festival this weekend will be better. The forecasts all week have been pretty dire for this weekend but, joy of joys, I managed to find a lovely sunny one for Sunday on my iPad's weather app so I'm sticking with that one.

Despite sleepless nights planning this entire thing, I'm now desperately looking forward to it. Last year's PBF was the best event of the season.

We're off to Prescott tomorrow afternoon to set everything up. Wrestling with gazebos and playing with nail guns, eh? Brilliant.

Sunday morning will be manic. Track opens at 10.00 but I'm hoping to be there around 7.00 as there'll be cameras to synch and bacon to consume.

Mad Max Beyond The Thunderdome is on telly tonight so I'll record that as watching a tripe film to unwind before a day like this is a must and one with bonkers cars and Tina Turner.

What a way to spend a weekend. Bring it on.