13th June 2012
Very occasionally you're present at an event that is so thrilling that it reminds you why you seek out live sport rather than sitting at home watching second rate tripe and a million adverts an hour on Sky. Last Sunday's meeting at Loton made all the soakings and all the early morning starts more than worthwhile.

Cards on the table time: I love Loton Park anyway. Whether it's a full-on British meeting like Sunday's or a nice gentle B event, the place and the people always make me realise why I like the sport of hill climbing so much. The BHC meeting at the weekend was always going to be good and the weather, which had threatened and growled at us all week, moved on leaving us with a decent, bright day. We even saw a slither or two of sunshine. Perfect track conditions and spot on weather for taking photos.

The drama that unfolded throughout the day was astounding. Eight class record's tumbled and there was already talk of Scott's hill record going but what followed was nothing short of breathtaking. Having broken his own record from last season with his morning qualifying run, Scott watched as Jos Goodyear tore nearly half a second off it with with Loton's first ever sub 44 second climb. Minutes later Scott shot off the line and we stood grouped around in the paddock staring at the clock. It stopped at 43.57. Unreal stuff.

Best. Meeting. Ever.

The photos are here.