Mucking Around In Shropshire

27th January 2012
Last weekend saw the first proper car action of the year for me with the MAC Clee Hills Trial up at Craven Arms.

The first stage in the woods was extremely muddy. Keeping your feet was an achievement. Driving a car all the way up was close to a miracle.

Headed across to the Long Mynd afterwards and munched on a sandwich before the merry sound of engines tore through the peace and quiet of the Shropshire countryside. This event really had the most diverse collection of motors. I'm full of admiration for anyone who has a vintage MG then proceeds to belt it up a filthy hillside before driving it home.

I've been looking at my diary and it looks insanely booked up. I've barely got a free weekend until the end of the year if I attend everything in there. Excellent.

This Sunday sees the first meeting of the Prescott Bike Festival committee so that event's already starting to loom. April 22nd seems a long way off but time's flying by as if we're all onboard a malfunctioning Tardis.