02nd April 2014
My first really big event of the year takes place this weekend in the shape of the fourth Prescott Bike Festival.

As always, this is a seriously packed day of track and non-track action as we set about raising funds for the Severn Freewheelers in order to keep their Blood Bikes out there doing the excellent work that they do.

I'm heading down there on Saturday to set up the circus style gazebo that will be our viewing station as we go for the print-on-the-day option for the first time.

I'm avoiding weather forecasts what with predictions of Sahara dust invasions today. I'm thinking plagues of locusts might descend upon us by the weekend at this rate. And frogs falling from the skies. That could happen, right?

Worse still, there'll be marshals. And bikers. And Rock bands. And Happy Hour (Which, is actually two separate half hours but they're still very happy)

Swing by on Sunday and say hello. I'll be paddock based most of the day as I shoot the press pack while the rest of the team prowl about up on the hill. Silverstone the following weekend will seem tranquil by comparison.

The photo gallery will be available right here