Race Retro

27th February 2012
Up until yesterday, I've never visited the Race Retro show but, having received an invitation from the lovely folk at Poppyseed Media, it would have been plain wrong not to go along.

The weather was excellent and it wasn't too packed. I'd got a pass for shooting the live rally stage. We were treated to 52 classic rally machines. I fired off a mass of shots and seeing all those amazing Escorts, Quattros and 6R4s has sparked my interest in readiness for the Tour Of Epynt rally in a couple of week's time.

Aside from grot that settled on my sensor during one of my lens changing episodes, no dramas unfolded. Saw a fair number of people there that I knew including the bods running the MAC stand. All in all, RR's a fine show and I'll certainly visit it again.


On Saturday evening I visited that famous rock venue, Sinton Green Peace Hall to photograph a double bill of Men In General and Four Tart Harmony. Cracking night's entertainment and lovely to take photos of the Tarts afterwards - along with their guest member, The Ladder.