Slammed Out

27th June 2012
This past two weeks has been pretty manic. No motor sport but the Worcestershire Literature Festival made up for that.

I'm on the Committee for the Lit Fest and I'm their 'official photographer'. Roughly translated this means pelting around covering as many of the events as possible. Last Thursday was the most extreme example with a shoot at the Whitehouse Hotel at 6.30 featuring MP, Michael Meacher followed by two events at The Art House Café and Drummonds both of which started at 8.00. It was certainly a night to keep the adrenalin running and I managed to grab shots from all of the events.

Sunday was the last night of the festival with the amazing Poetry Slam at Drummonds. An astounding variety of talent was showcased that night with James Dalton eventually coming out as the winner by beating our Poet Laureate, Maggie Doyle in the final.