Smoke, dust and flying TVRs

15th August 2011
To say yesterday was 'eventful' would be understating things a little.

Having spent most of the day watching wheels locking up and smoke pouring off tyres, we foolishly thought we were reaching the end. The TVR class was the last up the hill and a few of them stamped on their brakes going into Fallow - then it happened. I was idly ribbing Spencer about his late start to the day when we looked up and saw clouds of dust and a purple TVR descending upon post six. Out of instinct, I just swore (that was the easy bit) and raised the camera. I got five shots off. The meta data tells me I hit the shutter first at 18.09:33. The last of the five shots sequence went off at 18.09:34 - and this was shooting single shot, not bursts. I knew I should have been a gunslinger.

This was the most spectacular incident I've witnessed at a hill climb. Jan and Andy were pretty damn cool. Jan was flattened, got up, put the flag out and then started attending to the driver. Our marshals really are very special. I've attended their training days and seen the rigorous procedures they go through. When you see how they deal with a mess like the one on Sunday you have to stop joshing them for a minute and give credit where it's due.

Great meeting, everyone. I'll be back at Loton on Wednesday for the final driving day of the year. Let's hope it's less eventful.