Sunshine, banana cake and retail therapy

09th May 2013
So, it always pours with rain on Bank Holiday weekends? Well, no, this year's May break was stunning. Shelsley was bathed in sunshine and, boy, did it look amazing. The Teme Valley never looked finer and we had a big crowd of motor sport fans hanging over the fences on Sunday. The meeting was excellent. Well done to my good friend Simon Fidoe on making both top-12 run-offs and shattering his PB. The Empire is getting faster and faster. Amazing what 998cc of bike engine can muster.

Trevor was, as expected, scarily rapid. I set about capturing his OMS sparking out through Ess Approach. My neck's still suffering whiplash from some pretty rapid panning but I just about managed to nail the shot.

Photos? Here they are.

On Monday, I went up to Loton to shoot some photos for use at next Wednesday's driver's school. Perfect roasting hot weather for helping to push a Caterham up a hill but I did get a piece of Roger Moran's excellent banana cake and then a stupidly rapid ride up the hill with Joy at the wheel. I learnt that Caterham's have amazingly strong bulkheads. I know this as I tried my damnedest to ram my foot through hers using my imaginary brake. What an amazing rush it was.

This weekend will find me lurking on a retail park near Shrewsbury as I help out with Loton's promotional day. We've got some cracking cars to show off and even some pet marshals to play with. If this doesn't raise the club's awareness, nothing will.