The Big Orange Army

30th December 2011
Marshals. What can I say? Constantly entertaining when in their natural habitat? Full of backchat? Never stop eating? Abusive to defenceless photographers? All of the above really.

I spend a fair chunk of my weekends with the men and women in those ill fitting orange romper suits. There's a cheery optimism about them that makes me glad to hang out with them. Highlight of 2011 might well have been Chris and Jan having their own Bottom Ess photo call. They were like the Posh and Becks of the hill climb scene but their co-marshals soon brought them back down to earth with a few well chosen comments. Oh, yes, most of the photos of Jodie I ever take feature her sticking her tongue out at the camera. (Her wedding pictures should prove quite a challenge for whoever gets that task next year.)

Anyway, a belated Merry Christmas and a riotous New Year to all my marshalling friends. I might taunt you all summer long but I'm always glad to have such a great bunch standing alongside me in all weathers and all situations. In motor sport, when the grit hits the fan, orange is the first colour I want to see near me.

PS. Here are a few shots of you lot.