Up In The Clouds

02nd February 2015
Last weekend was the annual Cotswold Cloud Trial. With the help of a couple of Ordinance Survey Landranger maps and some of Calvin and Jan's handy directions Crooked Mustard and Twisted Juniper were eventually hunted down.

Have you ever been to a classic trial? You really ought to make the effort. You'll be blown away by the sight of a VW Beetle slithering its way up a wooded track or (bizarrely) a Mk 1 Escort Estate hauling itself through the mud. (Not seen one of those since my late dad's was dragged off to the scrappers)

The temperature was pretty savage with a wind chill that virtually tore your face off but the light - vital for a man with a camera - was as good as it gets for this time of the year. Brilliant to get out for some great winter motor sport. Many thanks to everyone at the Stroud & District Motor Club for running such a friendly event.