Vintage Motors And Avoiding The Rain

10th August 2011
Not quite sure how the rain missed us on Sunday. A couple of times it skirted past but aside from a spot or two around lunchtime it had the decency to leave off until we were throwing our kit into the boot of the car five minutes after the final run. Anyway, I'm in no great hurry to test my replacement waterproofs so this suited me fine.

I've attended three VSCC events lately and they're always very entertaining affairs. Over three hundred vintage motors tackling the hill twice in a day takes some getting through but the meeting barreled along merrily and we were done and dusted for a sensible time. Here's the evidence.

My glorious 28-70mm f2.8 lens has arrived back from its holiday at the Nikon Repair Centre. This is a place where Nikon lenses go to rest and recover after a traumatic happening - like their clumsy owner pitching base over apex as he makes his way down the grit paths of Shelsley Walsh. Its great to have my sharpest piece of glass back in the bag. Promise to look after it from now on.