2012 Stuff

03rd November 2011
After eighteen months of online form-filling and an interview back in the summer at Warwick University, I finally got the nod last week confirming that I've been selected for the Press Operations team at next year's London Olympics.

When it was announced on July 6th 2005 that London was to be the host for the 2012 Games, I never even thought about being part of the team. I came across a Games Makers email early last year and applied just to see how far I could get before I was ejected. I now have it in writing that I'll be part of the Photo Team based at Horse Guards Parade. I'd have loved to have been in the main Olympic stadium but I said at the interview that I'd be happy to be based at any of the venues. Let's face it, someone has to cover the beach volleyball event.

I'm still slightly stunned by all this. Although I thought the interview went well (yes, it does pay to wear a suit and tie) I wasn't totally sure I was going to get a place. Aside from the small issue of not having anywhere to stay just yet, all is good. The only draw-back is that is clashes with the third Loton Driving School day. I wonder if I speak nicely to Seb Coe, he'll move the date of the games?