The Missing Links

Over the years, I've made many contacts through motor sport. Here are a few of them. They include the people who shoot alongside me, the clubs who invite me to their events and a one or two others like the Worcestershire Literary Festival and Megan Baker House.
Shelsley Walsh
My local venue and one of the most famous. The oldest motor sport venue in the world that is still used. Home of the Midlands Auto Club, Shelsley is an iconic hill climb venue: a tough walk up to the Esses but worth the effort.
Hagley & District Light Car Club: the home of the excellent Loton Park hill climb. Situated in a stunning deer park in deepest Shropshire, a day at Loton is a must-do for hill climb fans.
Prescott Speed Hill Climb
Home of the famous Bugatti Owners Club and the venue for one of the top hill climb venues in the UK, Prescott sits proudly in stunning countryside with great views around and loads of terrific spectator spots.
Severn Freewheelers
The charity group who be take over Prescott in April when they hold the famous Prescott Bike Festival. The Severn Freewheelers are available to run blood around the country every night of the year. I handle their official photography team for this event and these guys deliver - in every sense.
Megan Baker House
The Megan Baker House is a place where I've sat taking pictures, feeling very humble as I watch these extraordinary kids being encouraged to deal with the type of problems that are unimaginable to most of us.
Karen Philips Racing
A great website giving an amazing insight into the whole concept of grass-roots motor sport.
Zipp Photography
Here's the website that belongs to the guy who stands by my side in all winds and weathers, Rich Danby.
The Blonde With The Nikon
This is Stella May Card's website. Stella's been kicking around with me trackside for a few years now. If you see photos of me with on a wet day with a bedraggled little blonde chattering away by my side as she frantically wrestles with camera settings, that'll be Stella.
Yawning Cat Photography
Jeni Long is another of the Prescott camera toting ladies.
This is the website of Phil Rogers and Dawn Bowater, two friends of mine who used to haunt the same hillsides as me until they emigrated to Melbourne, Australia. Phil and Dawn were stalwart hill climb shooters who I spent many a happy Sunday with.

Their site gives a great insight into their new life including a nice overview of motor sport in Australia.
The Vintage Sports Car Club hold some astounding events throughout the season. These include flat-out circuit racing, hill climbs and classic trials.
Sixty & Worcestershire Motor Club
Worcester's very own motor sport club. A fine bunch of friendly folk who put on some cracking events.