A Classic

15th November 2011
I used to be able to trawl the halls of the NEC without breaking sweat. Not any more. After a full day covering this year's Classic Motor Show, I felt like I'd walked across the Brecon beacons on a military exercise.

Fantastic show. Every owners club worth their salt was there. Great to see the MAC and the BOC stands. Caught Richard Gilbert photographing a Morgan (again) Saw Millards senior and junior.

The girlies on the Citroën stand were immense as they posed for the whole Robert Palmer Addicted To Love rock video thing.

Angelina on the e-Lites stand was fantastic. I almost wanted to start smoking just so she could help me to quit.

Huge thanks to Andrea and the team for inviting us along again. Now I really want to do Race Retro next March.

Photo gallery is here here