A Day In The Cotswolds

18th April 2011
Mr Pons and I headed off into deepest Cotswold countryside on Sunday for the NLECC Jacobean Trophy Trial at Long Compton run by the London Car Club

Sporting trials truly are an odd form of motor sport but they're undeniably fascinating. These strange cars have complex braking and gearing systems, suspension set ups that seem impossible and an uncanny knack for climbing up ridiculously steep muddy banks. Drivers and passengers don't wear head gear so you get full access to their facial expressions and If you keep your wits about you, you can get within touching distance of them so a little wide angle lens is perfect for the job.

The backdrops are simply stunning at every trial I've attended. Oh yes, and watching a girl bounce up and down vigorously whilst wearing a damp, muddy T-shirt is something a lot of blokes would pay good money for. What a great way to spend a Sunday.
Here are the shots of the day