A Day In The Countryside

22nd May 2012
If a meeting's going to run out of control and I'm going to be on the hill for a lot longer than expected, I want it to be at Loton. As venues go, there's nowhere nicer to kill a few hours whilst Porsche 944s and Audi Quattros are rescued and tyre walls are reconstructed.

I spent a lot of time exploring new shooting areas on Sunday like a WWII sniper lurking amongst the undergrowth. It paid off as I ended up with some very different shots to the normal ones I churn out.

The confusion on people's faces as they tried to work out if, during the hour long church service break at 11.00, they were eating breakfast or lunch was worth the trip on its own.

As ever, Big Jim, the lovely Annie and the rest of the H&DLCC mob looked after us very well. Thanks everyone for a fine day's entertainment. The photos are here.