A day of old machines and the cost of lens repairs.

19th July 2011
Last Sunday we were treated to an extraordinary gathering of pre war motors as the VSCC descended on Loton Park in force.

VSCC events are unique. Seriously old cars, men with beards and people sporting double-barrel names. Then, just to add to the whole quirkiness of the proceedings, we had an enforced 10.30am lunch break due to a visit to the local church of the Bishop. Now, it has to be said, I'm a guy who likes his routines so when I got home that day and I was having my 'dinner', I was confused. The meal at 7.30 that night was... well, I don't really know what it was called.

Great day though and the rain (almost) kept off. Many thanks for Gillian and the rest of the VSCC for inviting me along. Pics are here.

The not-so-good-news this week is that my beloved 28-70mm f2.8 lens has had to go off to Nikon for a repair after I slipped down a steep part of the path at Shelsley a couple of weeks ago. What I thought would be something fairly minor has escalated into a highly expensive (500 quid) repair so I'm currently putting in insurance claims forms. I really want my lens back now as it's my favourite piece of glass by some distance and I use it loads. Crampons is the way to go at Shelsley in future.