A dusty March Day

26th March 2012
I headed for the AGBO Stages Rally at Weston Park early on Sunday morning.

All week I'd deliberated between going to Loton's member's practise weekend and this. As I'll soon be swamped with hill climb action, I thought on this occasion, the rally should be the place to go.

Good choice as the weather was amazing and Weston Park looked lovely. The only downer was the water splash was dry - absence of water is never a great feature in a water splash, I feel. Making up for that, we had tons of dust on most corners. This really was not a day to change lenses.

It was a fantastic entry and its always good to catch up with Roger, Joy and Dave as they play with the stunning looking Mk2 Escort. Third place was a fantastic job so, well done guys.

It would have been a perfect day aside from my car battery dying whilst I was there. Two extremely kind marshals jump started it for me and I've put a new battery on it today so all is well with the world once again.

Many thanks to Anton Bird and his good people for allowing me access to this cracking event.