A Plague Of Lotus

22nd August 2012
I've now just about got myself straight after my two weeks in London doing the Olympics.

I got back from the Games on Friday the 17th and I went to Loton Park that weekend. It was great to be back chasing cars (queue for a song) again. Loton Park looked as fabulous as ever and the meeting ran spectacularly well thanks to Annie and the gang.

Last weekend saw the Big One at Shelsley with the heftiest hill climb of the year. It was a huge entry of cars and a mightily impressive number of lotus badged machines. Paul Matty did an amazing job in assembling such a rare collection of cars. Even the car park was all Lotused out.

We had another grand-stand finish from Scott with a blistering final run, taking BTD and the all important top-12 run-off points.