A Quiet Return

20th September 2011
After a fortnight of glorious Greek sunshine, I was looking forward to a nice steady weekend at Shelsley's Season Finalé.

Intermittent showers put paid to it being a quiet, casual end to the MAC's 2011 season. I've probably seen the track as greasy as that but not for quite some time. Between the Esses the surface had an evil, slightly green tinge to it like someone had smeared it with Swarfega. On Sunday, the exit of Top Ess caught out one driver after the next as they attempted to put the power down for the finishing straight.

The Ford Anglia set the tone for Sunday when its engine blew apart. It was fifth car up and not only did it dump huge amounts of oil on the track but it managed to leave behind numerous engine parts too. Most impressive.

Mrs Hawkes survived her encounter with the left bank (The one between top and bottom Ess not the one in Paris) She and Nick even managed to cobble the front of the OMS back together in time for her second run. Nick was so impressive with a hammer that he might give Chris Hemsworth a run for his money when they make the sequel to Thor.

I did lounge about during the morning, eat sausage and bacon, drank hot chocolate and nattered to Alex Summers about cars, drivers and all things good.

As ever, a big thanks to officials, marshals etc for looking after me throughout the year. The fact that I remain in one piece is mostly down to luck and the good folks who stand by me and growl whenever I'm stepping too close to the action.

Two more meetings and it'll be lie-in time. Except, there's always rallies, sporting trials and ... stuff.