A Tale Of Heat, Dust & Engine Noise

26th April 2011
And so it begins. The 2011 season coughs, splutters and then roars into life with the first hill climb meeting of the year.

The Easter weekend meeting at Loton signals the start of a full-on summer of motor sport. I love everything about Loton Park. The people who run this unpretentious little motor club are wonderfully friendly and fun to be with. The deer park where the action takes place is drop-dead gorgeous and it's a fantastic place to hone your camera skills.

The first meeting of a new season's always exciting as you get to see familiar faces for the first time since last autumn and to examine a few new cars that have rocked up. The sun came out and was scorchingly hot. The bacon & sausage triple decker is still stunningly good and the place just looked spot on.

PS. I blazed past Big Jim in his little blue Smart Car on the way up. Glad he wasn't driving the yellow one with the Celica engine otherwise it'd have ended as a humiliating no-contest for me.