And, breathe...

07th April 2014
After months of preparation, the fourth Prescott Bike Festival rocked up yesterday and, yet again, we all had a blast.

When I woke with the rain pounding against the window, things didn't look promising but, aside from a short period of damp stuff after lunch, the weather was relatively kind to us. It was less considerate to Steve Parrish who was unable to fly over and join us due to an extremely foggy, Isle of Man. Steve's a big supporter of the PBF so it was a huge blow losing his presence on the day but these things happen.

On the plus side we had over and above our fair share of celebrities: Nick Sanders, Richard Hammond, a quartet of local Mayors and more superstar riders than you can shake a tyre lever at all swung by to give us their backing.

A great day was had by all and on April 12th 2015, we'll be doing it all over again.

This year we sold photos on the day but for all you Run The Hill stars who didn't get round to visiting the viewing station, your photos are available on the gallery here.