Back To School

19th May 2011
Take twenty-odd mad keen hill climb drivers/wannabe hill climb drivers, a stonking location and a bunch of top notch tutor's boasting a pedigree to die for and you've got a recipe for a superb day out in deepest Shropshire.

The first Loton Park Driver's School was a day to remember. With a guideline stating that all comers must drive road cars, I guess there was always going to be a fairly odd mix of vehicles but I must confess that I wasn't expecting a VW Caddy. That said, perhaps we need to campaign for a Caddy Class for future B Meetings with proviso that your Caddy must have the full fibre glass cover on the back and a sheepdog inside tied up with a bit of string.

Many thanks to Loton for inviting me to do photography duties. Aside from Phil Jones who was dealing with HD Camcorder shooting, I had the hill to myself. Lunch was rather lovely and nattering to Ralph in the Regalia shop eating our piled high plates of grub as I downloaded the morning's images was fine fun.

Gallery's now up and running here