Bags Of Fun

27th March 2011
The search for the elusive camera Tardis continues. I've narrowed the search down to about three options.

One of the larger Lowepro bags wouldn't be out of the question. I've got two of their bags already and they're well constructed and cleverly thought out in terms of design and ease of use.

I'm keen on the Kata range and I'm hoping to to go down to see the Pons this week to try my kit in his large Kata. (Assuming he actually remembers I'm coming round this time and doesn't clear off to some obscure fishing pool near Brum, of course)

The final contender is one of the Thinktank range. Their Shapeshifter and Airport Acceleration V2 both look like credible contenders.

I really wished I'd known bag space was going to be such an issue before I went to the Focus On Imaging show. They'd got every type of bag in the whole world there that day so it would have been an excellent opportunity to do a group test on them all. This may end up with a train trip to London to the Jacobs store in New Oxford street. This bag quest shows how lacking most cities are these days in terms of shops selling a decent range of camera gear. Jessops have a lot to answer for.