Canon out of Focus

28th February 2011
Despite the cruddy weather, I managed to take a few shots with the D3 yesterday. Full frame is very different but immense fun.

I also banged a few things onto ebay last night - including my beloved golf clubs. Since the rotator cuff went in my shoulder, I've barely played and I don't envisage going back to it now so it's time to get my kit out of the loft and get shot of it. (After buying the D3, the money will come in handy too)

Next Monday will be the annual trip to the Focus On Imaging show at the NEC but buying the D3's blown my budget out of the water already for this season so I can just go along and enjoy the day without trawling the halls for the best price on some piece of kit that I've been hankering for.

The main news on the run-up to Focus is that Canon have withdrawn from the show. When I started going to Focus years ago, Canon didn't exhibit there, now, after a couple of years where their stand and Nikon's have dominated the show, they've announced a retreat again. I know times are tough right now but I'd have thought the biggest photography show in the UK would have demanded their presence.