Disgusting Oclock

13th March 2011
Its just gone 4.30 am, a time normally reserved for trips that involve two weeks of mediterranean sunshine and the eating of slabs of moussaka washed down with Ouzo.

This morning, I'm not going to the med and I won't be eating anything fancy. I'm off at this insanely early time to the Tour Of Epynt rally in dark, cold Wales. Even by my standards this is a horribly early start but the entry list looks amazing with a whole bunch of WRC cars and some stunning looking historics.

There's no need to go quite this early really but we're going with one of the marshals: a bloke known as Mighty Mouse (please don't ask. I'm a Betty Boop fan myself) so we have to be there for sign on.

I'm just hoping the bloke running the death burger van had a nice night with his sister last night so that he's in a happy mood for doing top breakfasts today.

Oh, and I really ought to have shopped for a bigger camera bag last week at the Focus show. Or a Tardis.