Drying Out

04th June 2012
Well, we couldn't have had a bigger contrast from last weekend's eye-ball meltingly hot weekend at Prescott to this weekend's soaking wet Shelsley Walsh British Hill Climb extravaganza.

The aftermath of a working at a meeting as wet at this is far reaching. First issue is to dry out clothing, camera bags, straps etc. Next trick is to tackle cameras and lenses that took a drenching. Cameras have to be dried off using around nine miles of kitchen roll and then every compartment is opened up to air.

Lenses took a real battering so they had to be dried gently then cleaned to remove smears before letting them slowly return to normal.

The photos from Sunday were spectacular in parts but ruined by mist and condensation to a large extent. Typically I had an enthusiastic email from my editor this morning proclaiming that we should do a big spread covering this meeting. Great news usually but not when 75% of your shots are photos are trashed by the conditions. Result was a lengthy post processing stint. Just about rescued things so now working on the article.

My boots? Well, they're another story. I reckon they'll just about be dry by by the weekend ready for Loton's meeting. I've just about had enough of the wet meetings now. Please can we have some dry weather?