Final sporting trial of the season

16th April 2011
Now the dust's settled from last weekend's epic Prescott Bike Festival, its time for a gentle weekend of photography.

I'm off in the morning to the Cotswolds for the sporting trial at Long Compton. The excellently named, Jacobean Trial seems like a fitting round-up to the trials season.

The weather looks set fair for tomorrow so I'm looking forward to the challenge of shooting at this venue for the first time. Photographing sporting trials is a strange challenge. The cars move slowly so capturing movement is tricky: set your shutter speeds too low in order to capture the rear wheel-spinning movement, and you get a messed up blur when the passenger bounces up and down in order to gain that all important traction.

One joy is the fact that no long lenses are required for sporting trials as you can get within touching distance of the cars. This means a smaller lighter bag can be carried as I'll be playing with my prime lenses and my 28-70 f2.8 all day. The Slab can remain in the car. How refreshing.

The not such good news is that there's no catering truck there this year so it'll have to be a breakfast before leaving and a couple of rolls and a Mars Bar in the bag. Actually, the Slab might still be the way to go.