Fully Trained

27th January 2011
At this time of the year, drastic measures are sometimes needed to satisfy the photographer's desperate urge to take pictures.

I'm not a huge railway expert but I can totally see the attraction of the old steam trains. As a kid I loved clambering through the fence to mooch round inside the railway scrapyard at Barry Island whenever we went there for a day trip and I also visited the narrow gauge railways such as the Ffestiniog and the Talyllyn.


I recently took a trip up to the Severn Valley stations at Bridgnorth and Highley and this week I went to the GWR's Steam museum in Swindon. This is a cool space to muck about with the camera and going during the week meant it was quiet: excellent for taking photos.

I'll throw a train gallery up later to show a few shots. it'll look a bit incongruous amongst all the car galleries but it as least shows that I'm not sitting around in hibernation doing sweet nothing.