Gale Farce

23rd May 2011
Blowy weather's a part of holding motor sport on the edge of hill sides and I've been buffeted about before but Sunday's mini tornado was in a league of it's own.

This was the first time I've been to Loton and not ventured up to the top of the hill but I figured that trying to hold a camera steady on Museum was going to be an impossible task so I lurked round Triangle and the Paddock. Managed to climb high on a log to grab some slightly different shots. Thankfully it was relatively gust free there.

Loved the meeting. If you're going to be shoved around by vile winds, Loton's the best place to do it. Cheers to all the officials for putting up with me and apologies for getting in a slightly dodgy spot near post one but there was a shot a really wanted. Won't happen again. Honestly.

Stella drove - her first big journey since passing her test - and very nicely she did too. Ta Stel.
Here's few shots from the meeting