Gothic tales and the Easter weekend

22nd April 2011
Last night, I spent a couple of hours at '42' - Worcester's Gothic, Horror, Sci-Fi & Fantasy Open Mic Night. (You need to be a Douglas Adams fan to understand the significance of '42') Its held in a cellar at the Worcester Arts Workshop. Some cracking material was performed and the chance to shoot indoors with limited light's always a challenge to take up.

I've had a change of direction for this weekend's plans. I'm still going to Loton Park but I'm thinking I'll do the Sunday now instead of Monday. There's a yummy entry for both days but the Sunday has the virtue of having a few bikes there and (hopefully) not having too much horrible Easter traffic to get tangled up in on the way home.

Seems an eternity since I saw any competitive hill climb action so I'm now officially aching to get started.

To combine this week's entertainment, I'm thinking a goth themed event could be the way forward. I'll suggest this to Mr Moody when I next see him.