Here, There & Everywhere

08th August 2013
Since my last blog, I've done quite a variety of motor sport 'stuff'.

I've been to not one but two VSCC soirées. The first one was a circuit event at Mallory Park in deepest Leicestershire. I love watching the vintage cars on the hills but seeing them open up on a circuit is quite a sight. Last weekend down at Prescott was the first time I'd been forced to don waterproofs this season but the VSCC are a hardy bunch and the hill was well populated with spectators who loved their vintage motor sport and no amount of rain was going to alter that. The wet conditoons certainly highlighted the oil spillages in the paddock. At one stage I thought the Torrey Canyon had cruised through.

I also attended the Silverstone Classic which had some astounding moments. The Porsche 911 50th anniversary celebration was a something to behold with over 1200 911s doing a four abreast lap during the lunch break. The logistics of organising that make me shudder but they pulled it off. In the absence of an air balloon to get a bird's eye view of it, I settled for being at the top of Hangar Straight and I even climbed into the top of one of the stands to get some extra elevation.

I shot the final Drivers' School day of this season up at Loton yesterday. For the third time this season, we were fortunate with the weather and I came home with a massive number of images to sort through. The McEvoy Special was quite staggering: a real life Batmobile. Loved it.

Its a nice B meeting up at Loton this weekend so I'm looking forward to that with insect repellent at the ready. See you on the hill, folks.