"I made my Generals out of mud" Napoleon

04th February 2014
Trials events are great to photograph and the Cotswold Cloud is set in belting fine countryside but logistically, like all trials, it involves a lot of cross-country millage to find the next location.

Gloucestershire's lovely with scenery that takes your breathe away but when grass is growing up the middle of the lanes you're driving along you know you're in the wilds. I passed places on Sunday where, if it had been a degree or two warmer, there'd have been straw sucking, banjo playing types sat out on their front porches scowling at me as I drove by.

Despite having to spend ten minutes washing the mud off my boots with a hose pipe when I got home, I thoroughly enjoyed the Cloud. There's plenty going on at trials worth photographing with crud flying through the air. All my clothes are now clean after going through the wash and the gents from Kazakhstan did an excellent job washing the car down yesterday. Hopefully, the Shelsley Breakfast Club meeting this weekend will be slightly less messy.