Last (2012) Post

31st December 2012
I concluded my motor sport year yesterday with a trip to Mallory Park to shoot the motorcycle mob doing their annual 'Pie and Mash' track day.

Miraculously, the weather was bright and dry and it wasn't even particularly cold.

Its a lot of years since I'd been to Mallory and I'd never photographed there before. The people of No Limits Trackdays have their own photographer so I was more than happy to hang over the fence. For anyone interested in taking circuit photos for the first time, Mallory's a great place to cut your teeth on as there are no big fences obscuring your view. My panning skills were hellishly ropey after a long break from shooting any trackside action but I scratched out a few decent shots.

Mallory gives you a two-for-one experience with the circuit racing just yards away from the motocross track. There are some excellent places to photograph this from and the track was insanely muddy yesterday so it provided quite a sight. The gallery is here

So that's about it for this year. Many thanks to all of you who've supported this blog and the one when I was in London working at the Olympics. I'm in the throes of planning next year's campaign now. I've got plenty of stuff lined up to keep me occupied. Have a great 2013 and I look forward to catching up with you all soon.