Losing It

01st November 2012
Now the 2011 season's been well and truly put to sleep for the winter, I'm in tidying up mode.

Unfortunately, this isn't going entirely to plan. Right now, I'm missing a voice recorder with some interviews on it that I desperately need and also my small Maglite. I'm sure these are buried deep in some cavity of one of my many camera bags so this weekend I intend to methodically work through them all.

I sent in some entry shots for the Prescott photography competition this week and I'm about to start the brutal deleting bombing raid that is part of my winter house-keeping regime. I've also got a few driver's photos to seek out, post-process and send off.

If any of you have experienced problems accessing the website over the past 48 hours, apologies for that but we've been severely effected by hurricane Sandy which battered the East coast of America which took down power to the main server. The standby power supplies did a pretty decent job so hopefully it shouldn't have caused too much downtime.