Loton Calling

08th September 2012
This week's been virtually the best weather since March so it looks highly promising for this weekend's National B weekend at Loton Park.

I love scuttling about at Loton and the B meetings allow so much more time to scuttle. Tomorrow looks like a smashing line up with another bunch of Lotus machinery for us to admire. Paul Matty really does need congratulating for pulling all this together.

I'm about to overdose on Loton this month (not a bad thing) Next weekend sees their annual visit from the VSCC and then the last weekend in the month they'll be hosting the final round of the British Championship. In real terms, that's a lot of bacon and mushroom sandwiches but I've just had my NHS health check and my BMI and my blood pressure are both rated as low so I've got some slack to play with.

Last weekend's Prescott BHC shots are here to see.

See you at Loton in the morning, good people.