01st June 2011
It seems that La Vie En Bleu gathered together the worst of the weather and hurled it all at us in its first two years as some kind of test to see if we were brave enough to warrant hosting this brilliant event. Seemingly, we passed the baptism of fire/water, because since the initial onslaught, La Vie's been held in decent conditions. It was chilly at the weekend but the wind shoved the rain onwards and the wet weather gear stayed in the bag.

What can one say about this extraordinary festival? A mighty collection of (mostly) French machinery, stilt walkers (don't those guys get tired ever?), onion sellers, buxom mime artists and, of course, the legendary can-can girls who are now iconic figures at many Prescott events.

Yes, it was a long old day but part of that's due to rolling up well before 8.00 in order to tackle a cooked breakfast in the restaurant. Things went well aside from me not owning one of the new three-wheeled Morgans. (Want!)

A whole load of thanks to the good folk of the BOC for organising this smashing day and for inviting me along to photograph it. Keep up hthe good work.

PS. I just wish I'd got chance to lever my only real French phrase into a conversation. Perhaps next year I'll get to casually drop in the old 'Le chien est sur la table'. But, not in the restaurant, hopefully.
Photos of the day: here