May Day Mayhem

02nd May 2011
Great to have a BHC meeting to get the blood pumping so early in season.

Prescott looked very spick and span and the place was jumping with excitement right from when I rocked up at 7.30. We had new cars to gawp at and some trusty favourites.

We had military vehicles, motor cycles, wild flowers dotted amongst the trees and an uncharacteristically furious Joy Hoyle when she spun the Caterham round into the Armco on Esses. (Thankfully, she wasn't hurt - just miffed)

Terrific stuff from Scott to gain two wins but the insanely quick Raptor left us all gasping for breathe and the Evo 5 of Donald McCaskill was also rather amazing.

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Well done everyone at Prescott. Cracking day all round.