Mid Season

24th July 2014
I'm so overdue a site update: taking over the editor's role of the Hagley & District club magazine has been a big task but I'm starting to get a handle on it now so perhaps I'll be able to realign my focus back towards the website again.

Aside from the odd blip, the weather's behaved pretty well throughout the year. Last weekend at Shelsley we had a vile day on the Saturday with spectacular lightening forks, lengthy rolls of thunder and relentless rain but Sunday was the total opposite with scorching temperatures, huge crowds and a top notch meeting. Sir Sterling was in fine form and there was lots to photograph. Well done to Becks for putting together such an excellent programme of events.

This weekend I'm off to the Silverstone Classic, an event that is breathtaking in its content. Unfortunately, the ambulance chasers have started to hunt down motor sport photographers and, for the first time, I've had to take out public liability insurance to go trackside. I don't quite understand how I'm in any way a danger to the public if I'm standing taking photos in an area that they're unable to access (inside the fences by the side of the track) but more circuits are beginning to enforce this kind of restriction. Let's hope it doesn't extend to hill climbs next.