Not quite in hibernation

06th December 2011
All's quiet now on the motor sport front. No more hill climbs. Club events have pretty much dropped off the radar. Even rallies are a touch scarce this side of Christmas.

So, what's a guy to do? Well, its not a problem really as there still loads of things to muck about with. I'm still tidying up the BOC archive. I've just written a Prescott guide for new photographers who might join us on the hill in the future. Last Saturday was our end of season meal for the Bike Fest mob. That involved chowing down huge amounts of Chinese food at The Great Wall in Tewkesbury whilst planning next April's event.

I shot an open mic night last week in a room festooned in convex mirrors so that was a challenge in itself.

Yesterday I scoped out a room where I'm going to do a bunch of corporate shots after Christmas. I'm also rummaging through my season's photos for shots for certain drivers.

Considering I've not even started with the brutal editing of the season's shots, I'm amazed how hectic it is really. I'll be glad when the season arrives so I can take it easy.