Old timing

16th July 2011
Off to Loton Park tomorrow for the second of the three Midland's VSCC hill climbs. (The final one is at Prescott on August 6th/7th)

So, early start in the morning: on the road for 6.30. Proceedings kick off at 8.30 but breakfast is a total must. Saying that, is it? This is no ordinary meeting. Lunch is scheduled for 10.30 and lasts for 90 minutes. Yes, you read that right: lunch is at 10.30. If anything's going to confuse me, messing around with lunch break times will do it.

The weather forecast isn't brilliant but it'd have to go some to be as wet as the last time I was at Loton. I've a new pair of waterproofs to try out, having taken the last ones back to the shop due to their total abject failure to keep me dry. Call me picky but not letting rain through seems a bit of a must in waterproofs.

Looking forward to seeing those glorious pre-war machines pelting up our favourite Shropshire estate. See you on the hill, everyone. No rain dancing, please.