Paranoid's not just a Black Sabbath track

16th May 2011
Spent a fair bit of time this weekend backing up my images. I always find this a satisfying process. Yes, I know: it is tragic but I can't help myself.

Its a stone cold fact, guys, your computer's drive WILL die sooner or later. Come that black day, I need to feel totally covered from all angles so here's the setup I favour. I've a bank of external hard drives waiting in the wings.

I have an Aperture Vault backing up all my library of images. There's a Time Machine drive set to do incremental back ups. Another drive has a full bootable copy of my system using Superduper. Another has a Carbon Copy Cloner bootable copy. Those are the on-site back ups and there's another CCC copy kept off site in case the place burns down. There are also two backups of my Prescott archive work as well as DVDs of all of them.

Sounds like hard work, I know, but it's fairly straightforward if you keep it all up to date.

Or, you could just trust to luck and pray your hard drive won't fail - but, eventually, it will. Honestly.