24th August 2011
When you name a meeting 'The Big One' you have to deliver the goods and Shelsley did just that at the weekend. The combination of being featured on Countryfile, great weather and a knockout line-up of motors, resulted in packed crowds. I've never seen people lining up for the gates to open before and it's been a while since the hill's been that rammed.

We had our moments with a couple of hold-ups to retrieve cars that had scooted off into the undergrowth. The Morgan finally reemerged like a long forgotten Japanese WWII sniper from the rhubarb. It was certainly a busy day for Richard Weaver on the wrecker truck. Luckily, nothing was as dramatic as our TVR moment at Loton the previous week.

Been to Megan Baker House doing some photos for their publicity leaflets this week. The kids there are quite amazing and the place itself and the people who work there left me slightly in awe. Good to get your feet planted on the ground.